Compton College Completes Weight Room Renovation

Compton College Completes Weight Room Renovation

Compton, Calif. - Compton College Athletics is proud to announce that the renovation of the 66-year-old weight room is now complete.

"We are extremely excited to present this new opportunity to our student-athletes here at Compton College. Offering them access to this newly renovated weight room will definitely create a positive impact in their success. I know our student-athletes, as well as our coaches, have been anxious to jump in and get to work. This accomplishment also speaks volumes to the college's commitment to athletics as we continue to improve in our recruiting efforts and student-athlete experience." said Interim Director of Student Development and Athletics Andree Pacheco. 

After the tireless efforts of Compton College adminstration, staff, and faculty the weight room received the following upgrades.

  • New Custom Squat Racks
  • New Strength Training Equipment
  • New Weight Plates and Dumbbells with Athletics Logos
  • New Flooring with Athletics Logos
  • New Benches
  • New Cardio Equipment
  • New TRX Training Room
  • New Medicine/Weighted Balls
  • New Speaker System
  • New Water Bottle Dispenser
  • New Lighting
  • New Mirrors
  • New Painted Walls

Starting Monday, Feb. 11th Compton College Student-Athletes will have access to the renovated weight room.